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Why Digital Signage

What is a digital signage solution?
Digital signage is a great way to grab your customers attention. Many studies done  show that people’s eyes are attracted to screens, televisions, or anything being displayed on a monitor of some sorts. Digital signage is the menu you see on the TV just above the counters at many restaurants. It is also the signs that show you special daily deals at your local deli or can update your patients on the weather while they wait. Essentially digital signage can display whatever you want, wherever you want, in order to grab attention from your clients/customers.

Why use digital signs over traditional static signs?
Besides all the studies showing that people, especially the younger generations, like to visually see things projected onto a screen, it also helps you. It is extremely easy to update the slides on your deli with daily deals because you are able to do that remotely, and literally in minutes! Anything can be updated at any moment to suit your needs as a user, it allows you to fully customize it for holidays, special events, or crazy deals to really grab your customers attention.

Where can I use digital signage?
Digital signage can be installed in virtually any indoor or outdoor public area such as restaurants, museums, hospitals, colleges and universities, airports, bus and train stations, hotels, houses of worship, and even corporate facilities. Ultimately it comes down to wherever you want it to be.

How can digital signage be used?
Applications for digital signage exist within every industry and vary. Use digital signage for:

  • Alerts – News, weather and location-specific information
  • Internal communications – Corporate messages on health and safety, news, events
  • Menu boards – Pricing, photos, ingredients, nutritional facts, specials
  • Brand building – Promote brand identity at business locations
  • Influencing customer behavior: Direct customers to specific areas, broadcast promotions, increase “dwell time”
  • Enhancing customer experience: Demonstrate products, reduce perceived wait time
  • Enriching the environment: Use interactive screens to provide wayfinding, additional information

How can I make it more personalized?

You can find many templates to get a base down for what you would like. Then you can connect Apps such as Calendar, Spreadsheets, RSS, Instagram, and even YouTube.

You are also even able to create a schedule for your digital signage, advertise your lunch specials during lunch time and make sure everyone knows about the after work get together. You can easily set it up to have it project whatever you want whenever you want.  Customization is all in the user’s hands.

Durability, quality & long hours of power-saving performance

Keep your customers informed or reach out to employees at any location with live digital signage LCD displays that feature unmatched picture quality and extended monitor life. Flexible, powerful, and easy to install, Mitsubishi’s digital signage LCD monitors are designed with durability, quality and long hours of power-saving performance in mind.